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Mork Borg's The Death Ziggurat with The Gauntlet

I had the chance to sit down recently and play the first half of the Mork Borg adventure The Death Ziggurat with Jason Cordova, founder of The Gauntlet. Jason ported the adventure over to Jesse Ross's Trophy Gold.

I've had the chance to play Trophy Dark a few times (including Part 1 and Part 2 of I'm Okay Right Now featuring Rev from The Critshow) and I've played a few Rooted in Trophy games (check out our newest episode for Token with Gabriel Robinson). This was my first foray into Trophy Gold and it is a really sleek system. I'll try to write more about that later.

The overall feel of the Mork Borg adventure is great. Super creepy. Jason did a great job porting it over to Trophy Gold and is a fantastic GM. There's a really cool encounter near the end between my character, Nima the Bloodletter, and Sarkhu, an ancient creature. I don't think Jason or I expected the encounter to go the way it did, but it was so much fun to play out.

You can check The Death Ziggurat (Part 1) out on YouTube. We're recording Part 2 in a few days. I'll be sure to share the link once that is up. I hope you enjoy it!

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