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You Are Not Alone

A Horror Actual Play Podcast


IVN considers himself to be a useful tool, an android that uses his mechanical nature to explore places that others can't survive. Because of this, IVN has made a name exploring derelict ships, especially for Klein Manufacturing Industries. Klein's textile ship, the UMV Sidae, has gone radio silent. Their deliveries are still coming on time, but they've stopped responding to messages. Klein decides to send IVN to figure out what is happening and get communication resumed.

Billy Blue, the amazing TTRPG artist, joins us to play Mothership.

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   The Show

You Are Not Alone is a horror actual play podcast. Each episode, Blaine is joined by a guest. Together they sit town, 1-on-1, to tell a deeply personal and horrifying story using a variety of different horror RPGs.

   You are strong

      You are beautiful

   and You are not alone




Blaine C. Martin

Executive Producer & Host

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